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Reproductive Health Clinical Foundations 2024 AVAILABLE NOW

Interactive group education for new grads & established practitioners wishing to up skill in hormone & fertility fundamentals. Come away from this 10-part course with a solid understanding of hormone pathology interpretation, clinical management skills & clinical tools for easy implementation.

Reproductive Health Clinical Foundations 2024 AVAILABLE NOW
Reproductive Health Clinical Foundations 2024 AVAILABLE NOW


Live & On Demand

10-part, 90 minute sessions.


Presented live AND on demand: 11am-12.30pm Sydney time on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, February to November 2024.

All recordings availible for playback: at your convenience until the end of 2025. 

Join anytime! 

This course provides the key insights required to confidently manage all reproductive health and hormonal patients from the initial consultation, including practical tips and clinical gems.

Feeling confident knowing which hormone and functional tests to order and how to interpret them, as well as which nutritional and herbal medicines will be best for specific circumstances, are invaluable skills required for successful clinical practice in this field.


✍🏼 Session One: LGBTQIA+ Clinical Inclusivity.

Specific considerations in reproductive health clinical practice.

✍🏼 Session Two: Communications, Collaborations, Pathology & Prescribing

How to build effective relationships and referral networks with doctors specific to this patient group (GPs, gynaecologists, fertility specialists and obstetricians). Practical introduction to pathology referral considerations for hormone & other reproductive health related examinations, including how to set up your necessary accounts, which tests we recommend, and confidence in communicating costs & benefits with patients. Prescribing tips specific to this field.

✍🏼 Session Three: Menstrual Cycle Charting & Interpretation.

Everything you need to know to educate patients around how to understand and chart their cycle, and which tools we use.

✍🏼 Session Four: Medical Investigations Explained.

Including transvaginal ultrasound, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingogram (tubal flush), urinalysis, vaginal swabs, pap smears and semen analysis.

✍🏼 Session Five: Female Sex Hormones.

Function, assessment & interpretation.

✍🏼 Session Six: Male Sex Hormones.

Function, assessment & interpretation

✍🏼 Session Seven: Menstrual Cycle Problems.

PMS, heavy bleeding, painful periods & irregular cycles.

✍🏼 Session Eight: Endometriosis & Adenomyosis.

Introduction to clinical management of these common clinical presentations.

✍🏼 Session Nine: PCOS.

Key clinical strategies to managing various PCOS presentations.

✍🏼 Session Ten: Hormonal Skin Conditions.

Assessment and effective clinical interventions.

🗣 We also host an online discussion group specific to members, so you can keep in touch, ask questions, and create conversations about what we've learnt throughout the year. This helps us to create a  supportive community of practitioners, which we love 🧡💛💚💙💜

💻 All sessions live on Zoom. Recordings available for review in your own time for 24 months.

Participants will receive a CPE certificate  for 15 points upon on completion.

Presented by Rhiannon Hardingham, Sage King & Josephine Cabrall.

Not sure if this course is for you, especially if you are already in practice? Email us to discuss 😊


🐥 Upfront payment, $690+GST (save $100) by booking using the link below.

🤑 Monthly payments: $79+GST per session. Use the code PAYPLAN when booking below and we'll set you up with a pyament plan.

🤓 Student Discount: email us with details of your study status for 2024, and we'll let you know if you're eligible to join us with a  further $100 discount from both upfront and monthly payment options.


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