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Your Fertility Plan: Part Four

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Is Egg Freezing For You?

According to the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) Annual Report 2021, 4,967 women (inclusive of those assigned female at birth whom do not identify as a woman) underwent egg freezing - a 23% increase from the year prior in 2020. At RH:RH, we too are seeing an increase in the number of patients wanting us to help them prepare for their egg freeze cycle. While many hope they don't need to rely on these frozen eggs to have children in the future, there is comfort in knowing they did all they could do in preparation to get the highest quality & number of eggs, & chance of success in the future should they need to. The same goes for those needing to undergo egg freezing for fertility preservation in the cases of medical treatment or gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy that wish to conceive in the future.

Navigating any form of ART can be really confusing & overwhelming. As a fertility naturopath, I often play a role in helping patients navigate this process for the first time, letting them now what to expect, what's going to happen at each step, & how they can best prepare. Part four aims to help you understand this process in simple steps & discusses:

  • The process of egg freezing

  • How many eggs you need in the freezer according to your age for a 75% chance of a live birth

  • What Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) is, why it's tested & relevance if it's high or low

  • Where to start if you're considering egg freezing

Click on the PDF attachment below to access part four.

Happy reading!

Sage x

SK YFP - part 4
Download PDF • 634KB

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