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Navigating Conception For Singles & Couples Assigned Female At Birth

Making up 1 in 7 of ART patients, learn how to support this patient group with confidence. From ART/IVF, donor eggs/sperm, surrogacy, & reciprocal IVF, to home insemination & knowing state-specific legislation for all types of conception, learn to be the best practitioner you can for all patients.

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Navigating Conception For Singles & Couples Assigned Female At Birth
Navigating Conception For Singles & Couples Assigned Female At Birth


27 June 2023, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm AEST



Are you working in the fertility & IVF space?

Did you know that singles & same-sex couples assigned female at birth (AFAB) account for ~1 in 7 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles? 

  • 10.2% undertaken by singles AFAB
  • 2.9% undertaken by same-sex couples AFAB, with this patient group accounting for 1 in 4 oocyte/embryo recipient cycles.

We know the majority of patients seeking naturopathic fertility support are AFAB, regardless of their gender identity. 1 in 7 of your ART patients will be either single or in a same-sex couple AFAB using their own eggs, & 1 in 4 of your ART patients will be in a same-sex couple using reciprocal IVF (using 1 partners egg to make embryos & the other to carry the pregnancy). 

With these high odds of this walking through your clinic door (or zoom), how confident do you feel navigating supporting this patient group inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community? 

Only 43.4% of the LGBTQIA+ community reported feeling accepted when accessing a health or support service, with the concern that medical professionals will not understand a person's identity being identified as one of the key barriers to accessing healthcare. So a staggering 56.6% of LGBTQIA+ patients don't feel safe in a healthcare setting & it's preventing them coming to you. We believe this can be easily rectified with simple & empathetic practitioner education that won't just support the LGBTQIA+ community, but help you to build a safe & reputable business that supports everyone in your local community.

This webinar, created & presented by Sage King, aims to provide you with clinically relevant tools to be able to navigate supporting these patient groups with confidence while navigating the different state legislations Australia-wide for optimal complementary fertility support. 


This webinar is for you if you:

  • Are working in the fertility & ART/IVF space
  • Want to know how to confidently support all fertility patients & be prepared for all nuclear families in your practice
  • Understand the value in first-hand clinical insight into fertility clinics & specialists for patient recommendations 
  • Want summarised state & national legislation around ART for this patient group so you can answer all questions your patients may ask of you
  • Want to know how to hold the hands of your singles & same sex couples AFAB on their fertility journey & konw the step by step process of what's involved
  • Want to know the ins & outs of egg/sperm donation & surrogacy - clinically, legally, sourcing, & wait times
  • Want to know what to do confidently when an LGTBQIA+ person books a fertility appointment with you, including:

                 〰️ Language & terminology

                 〰️ Knowing what questions to ask for comprehensive & effective clinical assessment

                 〰️ Home insemination - rules involved & donor sperm sourcing

                 〰️ Understanding medicare rebate requirements for subsidised ART costs

                 〰️ Reciprocal IVF considerations

                 〰️ The influence of gender affirmation hormone therapy on fertility

After this webinar you will:

  • Be able to support every single type of fertility patient & nuclear family that seeks your services with confidence & be able to support them step by step - knowing what their journey will include from start to finish (& beyond)
  • Understand state-specific legislation in Australia for ART access including egg & sperm donation, surrogacy, & Medicare rebates
  • Have developed safe language for these patient groups & be able to make the most comprehensive fertility assessment to help you improve your patient outcomes in the shortest period of time
  • Know what services are available around Australia, & gain insight into specific state level services & specialists
  • Know all types of LGBTQIA+ conception (ART, home insemination) & legalities involved
  • Never be caught off guard when individuals undergoing gender affirming hormone therapy want to reproduce or undergo fertility preservation

Even if you may not currently have a patient group of singles or couples AFAB, it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when they make an appointment to see you for fertility support. Be as prepared as you can be & join us! 

This webinar will be held over 2 sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday 27th June, 6-7pm

Session 2: Tuesday 11th July, 6-7pm

Recordings will be available for those that cannot attend live. 

We hope to see you there! 


  • Singles + LGBTQIA+ Conception

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