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Our Team

All our practitioners are degree-qualified naturopaths & nutritionists, and are highly experienced in all aspects of reproductive & hormonal healthcare, including; fertility management, IVF support, pregnancy & postpartum care, children’s health, perimenopause & menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and PMS & PMDD.

Rhiannon Hardingham (she/her) BHSc (Nat)

Rhiannon Hardingham Reproductive Health Expert and Mentor.jpg

Rhiannon is not currently taking new patients. If you have been referred to Rhiannon please book a free 10-minute discovery call with Sage or Josephine. If you are a previous patient of Rhiannon's and wish to reconnect for perimenopause support, please contact us here.

Rhiannon is a highly experienced, degree qualified naturopath and nutritionist, and practitioner educator.


Specialising in all hormonal health issues including perimenopause, endometriosis, PCOS, PMS & PMDD, male & female infertility, IVF support, pregnancy care and postpartum & paediatric healthcare, Rhiannon expertly supports couples and individuals in their succesful efforts to navigate their specific circumstances.


She particularly enjoys working with single women and all individuals assigned female at birth, and same-sex couples as they navigate their way through their fertility journey, as well as those experiencing perimenopause and the neurodivergent community. Optimising assigned male fertility and hormone health is also an area of significant focus in Rhiannon’s practice.


Rhiannon is committed to the successful integration of natural and conventional medicine, and believes ideal outcomes are achieved for patients when all their health care providers are working together. 

She regularly working alongside Melbourne’s top fertility doctors, obstetricians and gynaecologists to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. As testament to this, Rhiannon is routinely invited to present on the topic of collaborative patient care to medical professionals and naturopaths alike.


Thorough and approachable, Rhiannon’s commitment to understanding each person as an individual is much appreciated by her patients. 


After over 18 years in busy clinical practice, Rhiannon provides professional mentoring and education for functional medicine practitioners in both group and individual settings. This highly specialised area is outside the scope of standard education and as such, her reproduction and hormonal masterclasses and mentoring programs are a rare opportunity for practitioners to further their skills.


Rhiannon has co-authored the book Create A Fertile Life, and is a regular speaker on the practitioner education circuit.

Sage King (she/her) BHSc (Nat)

Sage King Fertility Naturopath and Nurtritionist.jpg

Sage is a diversity-friendly naturopath and nutritionist, specialising in reproductive health, preconception care, infertility, IVF support, pregnancy, postpartum, peri/menopause, gut health & neurodivergence.


With her empathetic and dedicated approach, Sage aims to guide and educate her patients through an evidence-based model to optimise their health and fertility outcomes - promoting healthy pregnancies, infants, and postnatal recovery.


Sage understands the importance of supporting her patients as individuals with unique health histories. In order to do this, she uses in-depth case take and testing, and believes it is essential to collaborate with her patient’s other health care providers, including specialists, to holistically implement lifestyle, dietary, nutritional, and herbal prescriptions for optimal patient outcomes. 


Sage has a special interest in supporting the LGBTQIA+ and sex worker communities and all individuals assigned female at birth wanting to conceive. Investigating and addressing assigned male fertility for heterosexual couples or same-sex couples with a known sperm donor, or those undertaking fertility preservation is a key part of Sage’s practice. Sage offers free 10-minute discovery calls to provide an opportunity to meet and understand how she can support your health and fertility outcomes.


As an educator and speaker, Sage contributes to practitioner education on topics such as preconception care & LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and reproductive health. Sage has contributed to research alongside NICM Health Research Institute investigating the impact of naturopathic interventions on premature ovarian insufficiency and pregnancy outcomes.


Sage provides mentoring for practitioners wanting to comprehensively support their LGBTQIA+ patients and is available for business consultancy to review  website, clinical, and marketing materials. 


Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), Fertility Society of Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ), and Australian Professional Association for Trans Health (AusPATH).

Josephine Cabrall (she/her) BHSc (Nat)

Josephine Cabrall Fertility Naturopath and Nutritionist.jpg

Josephine is an experienced, degree-qualified, LGBTQIA+ friendly naturopath and nutritionist with post-graduate training in Fertility Education. She is passionate about helping people create healthy families. Josephine specialises in preconception care, fertility, reproductive health, pregnancy and post-partum care, using nutrition, herbal medicine and dietary strategies to optimise outcomes for her patients. 

Valuing a collaborative approach, Josephine will work alongside your doctors, specialists and other practitioners for your best care. She understands the importance of an empathetic and supportive support team during the fertility and IVF journey and aims to meet you where you are at, giving you the tools and knowledge to optimise your health and your outcomes.

Josephine enjoys working on reproductive health conditions such as  polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, adenomyosis, hypothalamic amenorrhoea and more, regardless of whethere you are trying to conceive or not. Acknowledging that no two patients are alike, she enjoys seeing individuals improve their hormonal symptoms and/or fertility via thorough assessment and personalised, tailored treatment plans.

As part of your treatment plan, Josephine will also work with you to improve your gut health, thyroid health, stress, sleep and general health as she knows how much all of these things impact your reproductive health and fertility.


Josephine is passionate about promoting health through pregnancy and beyond into post-partum care, understanding that these are both joyful yet vulnerable times. Paediatric naturopathic care is also an area of interest, where Josephine can address many of the challenges that can arise with nutrition, immunity and more.

Josephine is currently offering free 10 minute discovery calls for an opportunity to meet and get clarity about how she can help.

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