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Your Fertility Plan: Part Five

Updated: May 4

What Is IUI & Do I Qualify?

Welcome to part five of the YFP series where we are diving into the world of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), also know as Assisted or Artificial Insemination (AI).

IUI is a process in which

  1. Sperm is washed to find the most active & virile sperm.

  2. Aforementioned sperm is then inserted through the cervix & into the cavity of the uterus via a catheter at ovulation for conception.

But, how do you know if IUI is for you? What is the complete process of IUI from start to finish & what does it feel like? Will you need medical intervention to assist with ovulation or can you undertake IUI without any medical intervention at all?

I answer all of these questions & more in part five, including how naturopathy can complement those undergoing IUI to support their outcomes by:

  • Optimising egg & sperm quality

  • Improving menstrual cycle health & regularity

  • Preparing & supporting the endometrial lining for implantation specific each individual

  • Reducing side effects for those undergoing a medically managed IUI cycle

Click the PDF attachment below to access part five.

Happy reading!

Sage x

Part 5 - What Is IUI And Do I Qualify_
Download PDF • 561KB

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