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Your Fertility Plan: Part Six

Updated: May 4

Your Guide to IVF

I've supported many individuals & couples on their IVF journeys, with each for different reasons. I have patients come to me because the next step in their fertility journey is IVF after not being able to conceive naturally for some time. For others, their fertility specialist may have referred them to me to spend some time on getting their health right before trying another cycle to improve their outcomes. Some have sperm abnormalities, Endometriosis, PCOS, Fallopian tube blockages, history of recurrent miscarriage, have been unsuccessful with IUI, diagnosed with unexplained infertility, or are a same-sex couple or individual trying to conceive using donor sperm. Whatever the reason, IVF is a whole new world of acronyms, drugs, timelines, cycle monitoring with blood tests & pelvic ultrasounds, & if you have not been through it before, can be challenging to get your head around - & there's a myriad of ways in which I can help you. Not only to optimise your outcomes, but hold space for you along the way as you navigate this new world.

To empower those of you embarking on your IVF journey, or perhaps you've already started, part six takes you through:

  • What is IVF?

  • The 17-step process of IVF from start to finish


  • IVF success rates

  • How naturopathy can best support your outcomes

  • Why I believe collaborative care with my patients' fertility specialists is imperative to optimising their outcomes

Click the PDF attachment below to access part six.

Part 6- Your Guide to IVF
Download PDF • 662KB

Thank you for joining me for this 6-part blog series. I hope that you are feeling empowered, inspired, have learned something new & taken away some tangible ways in which you can improve your diet & lifestyle to support your fertility outcomes. I wish you all the best on your journey.


Sage x

Want to know more on how Sage can support you with your health & fertility outcomes? Sage offers free 10 minute, obligation-free discovery calls where you can ask Sage anything you like.

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