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Your Fertility Plan: Part Two

Updated: May 4

Do You Need Preconception Screening?

Welcome to part two of our YFP series. This week we are talking all things preconception! So how do you know if you need to do preconception assessment? Spoiler alert - everyone does!

Optimising your health during the preconception window not only helps you to conceive, but it also assists in promoting low-risk, healthy pregnancies & live birth outcomes.

Part two discusses:

  • Optimal timeframes to improve egg & sperm quality

  • Which practitioners may be a part of your health professional team

  • Why I am an advocate for collaborating with my patients' other healthcare providers

  • General pathology preconception testing I recommend to my patients

  • Why semen analyses are important

  • Considerations for those with PCOS & Endometriosis

Click on the PDF attachment below to access part two.

Happy reading!

Sage x

Part 2 - Do You Need Preconception Screening_
Download PDF • 686KB

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