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Advanced Fertility Masterclass

Advanced Fertility Masterclass

Rhiannon presents this 3-part, 7 hour masterclass for experienced practitioners already working in the fertility and ART-support field. A deep dive into those challenging presentations, to optimise support for our particularly complex patients.


Please note: This course is intended for practitioners with an advanced understanding of fertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART), and goes above and beyond those factors discussed in Rhiannon's other masterclasses. Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of preconception care, sex hormone assessment, semen analysis interpretation, as well as an understanding of ART, including ovulation induction (OI), in vitro fertilisation (IVF) & intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and safe and effective functional medicine support, as these factors are not be revisited. Prior completion of the IVF Support Masterclass, Endometriosis Masterclass, Female Hormone Assessment & Herbal Medicine Prescription Masterclass and Male Hormone Masterclass is recommended.


Learning Outcomes

⭐ Confidently identify factors influencing poor fertility outcomes.

⭐ Know which medical and functional interventions achieve best clinical outcomes in individual presentations.

⭐️ Ensure confidence when discussing medical and functional management, with both patients and specialists.

⭐ Understand indications and interpretation of advanced infertility testing.


Course Content

📚 Up-to-date insights into ART techniques, including DuoStim, in vitro maturation (IVM).

📚 Advanced egg & sperm quality optimisation.

📚 Update on recent advancements in AMH assessment and research.

📚 Advanced insights into optimising methylation for fertility.

📚 The emerging use of platelet-rich plasma in fertility: evidence, indications and clinical support.

📚 Considerations for repeat implantation failure (RIF) and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), including endometrial microbiome, natural killer (NK) cells, clotting factors and autoimmunity.

📚 DQ alpha match: controversies, relevance for those with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, as well as management strategies.

📚 Critical review of the evidence behind immune management medical interventions, and complimentary functional medicine support.

📚 The emerging use of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) in endometriosis and fertility.

📚 Updated insights into the clinical safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) in fertility.

📚 Considerations for empty follicle syndrome (EFS).

📚 The emerging use of GLP-1 receptor agonists (such as Ozempic & Saxenda) in fertility patients: efficacy, safety,  complications and best patient management practices.

📚 The impact of stimulant medications used for ADHD on male & female sex hormones, fertility and pregnancy: safety and complimentary support.

📚 Advanced fertility pathology assessments.

📚 Key clinical insights into our management & communication strategies with patients experiencing complex infertility diagnosis & poor prognosis.

📚 Case studies, pathology examples and recent scientific publications provided to help illustrate key points and facilitate learning.


📚 7 hours of content.

📖 Includes detailed notes, tools & resources to assist with easy application in a clinical setting and up-to-date references.

🤓 Participants are eligible for 7 CPE points.

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