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Create a Fertile Life

Gina Fox, Charmaine Dennis, Rhiannon Hardingham, Tina Jenkins, Milly Dabrowski

The Create a Fertile Life book has everything you need to know to get pregnant naturally, boost fertility, prevent miscarriage and improve your success with IVF

Create a Fertile Life is unlike any pre-conception book you’ve ever read, giving you the practical details of evidence-based, clinically-proven changes and guidelines that you can implement to make progress right now.

It’s inspiring. And it’s easy to read.

Available in Book ($34.99) and Ebook ($19.99) format.


This book is for you:

  • if you have already tried to conceive

  • if you have just started to link about your baby making journey

  • if you are finding that your fertile potential is not quite getting you over the conception line

  • if you have already started IVF

  • if you simply want to make the changes necessary to ensure that your baby making materials are as healthy as possible before getting down to business

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