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Your Fertility Plan: Part Three

Updated: May 4

Enhance Your Fertility Naturally

Welcome to part three of our YFP series. I often find during initial consultations with new patients that they feel overwhelmed with what they should & should not be doing to support their fertility outcomes. It can be a minefield of information & it's hard to know who to listen to. Part three aims to provide you with easy to follow, tangible steps as to how you can improve your health holistically to optimise your fertility outcomes.

Are you ready to learn:

  • The importance of seeking professional advice with herbal & nutritional medicines

  • What general supplements I recommend to get started

  • Dietary inclusions & exclusions for fertility

  • How alcohol & cigarettes may be impacting your outcomes

  • Which amount of caffeine is too much

  • Why & how you should be exercising

  • How to make your environment fertility-friendly

  • The importance of stress management & how to better manage it

  • Why a good night sleep is important & ways to improve your sleep routine

Then part three is for you!

Grab a cup of tea & get comfy - part three is 8 pages of comprehensive information that is, my favourite, things that you can do for FREE! Focusing on the simple diet & lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health can have profound impacts on your fertility outcomes. It all adds up!

Click on the PDF attachment below to access part three.

Happy reading!

Sage x

Part 3 - Enhance Your Fertility Naturally
Download PDF • 891KB

Want to know more on how Sage can support you with your health & fertility outcomes? Sage offers free 10 minute, obligation-free discovery calls where you can ask Sage anything you like.

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