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Endometriosis Masterclass

Endometriosis Masterclass

In this three-part masterclass series Rhiannon takes practitioners through the breadth of clinical considerations regarding assessment and management for endometriosis and adenomyosis, including medical & surgical, nutritional, herbal and dietary & lifestyle interventions, with a focus on pain, disease & fertility management.

  • Course Content

    Session 1: Aetiology & Assessments

    ✍🏼 Nuanced pathology interpretation for endo & adeno.

    ✍🏼 Genetic & epigenetic factors.

    ✍🏼 The role & assessment of the microbiome.

    ✍🏼 The role of mast cells & histamine.

    ✍🏼 Endogenous & exogenous oestrogens.

    ✍🏼 Aromatase specific to endo & adeno.

    ✍🏼 Pelvic inflammation & oxidisation.

    ✍🏼 Nutritional & deficiency considerations.


    Session 2: Clinical Interventions for Disease & Pain Management

    ✍🏼 Indicated interventions based on sex hormone pathology.

    ✍🏼 Evidence based & clinically proven nutritional & herbal medicine interventions.

    ✍🏼 Dietary and lifestyle interventions: evidence & effective change.

    ✍🏼 Specific management as indicated by the individuals genetic profile.

    ✍🏼 Surgical interventions: when to refer & how to best support patients.

    ✍🏼 Hormonal medical management: efficacy & how to safely treat symptoms alongside the hormonal IUD & OCP.


    Session 3: Clinical Management of the Endo & Adeno Fertility Patient

    ✍🏼 Clinical investigations specific for fertility assessment for endo & adeno.

    ✍🏼 The role and complications of AMH & FSH assessment & management in endo & adeno.

    ✍🏼 Endometrial assessments & interventions specific for fertility.

    ✍🏼 Early pregnancy management to reduce endo & adeno-related risk.

    ✍🏼 Egg quality considerations specific to endo & adeno.

    ✍🏼 IVF support specific for endo & adeno.

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