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Female Hormone Assessment & Herbal Medicine Prescription Masterclass

Female Hormone Assessment & Herbal Medicine Prescription Masterclass

In this four-part, on demand, masterclass Rhiannon explores the complexities of hormonal pathology interpretation and what this means regarding herbal medicine indications.

  • About this course

    In this popular masterclass, Rhiannon shares unique clinical gems regarding her approach to herbal medicine prescription, utilising patient presentation, pathology assessment and significant clinical experience. 

    This masterclass is not focused on fertility, but on optimising general hormonal and gynaecological health for female patients.


    🤓 Understand the specifics of ordering and interpreting hormonal test results for female patients.


    🤓 Understand functional reference ranges and how to recognise patterns in pathology that allows you to better identify the drivers of symptoms and conditions.


    🤓 Become familiar with which tests are indicated in specific conditions and individual cases, and know when they should be ordered.


    🤓 Understand what to look for in your patient’s pathology to help you to appropriately prescribe herbal medicine for female hormonal conditions.


    🤓 Feel confident that your herbal prescription will have the desired benefit, and help your patients to feel their best.


    ✍🏼 Participants receive detailed clinical assessment and treatment tools to assist in day-to-day practice, as well as traditional and evidence-based resources regarding herbal medicine prescription for female hormonal health.


    ✍🏼 Ongoing access to recordings for 24 months.


    ✍🏼 Participants will earn 10 CPE points.



    Session One:

    • Fundamentals in female reproductive hormone pathology assessment and interpretation, including:               

    • oestradiol, progesterone, prolactin, DHEA-S, androstenedione, testosterone, SHBG, FSH and LH.

    • Clinical assessment of variations in the menstrual cycle; identifying key indicators regarding potential complications.

    • Full functional reference ranges provided. 

    Session Two:

    • An exploration of hormonal herbal medicine actions and prescription indications, embracing both traditional and evidence-based approaches, including:                              

    • Chaste tree- thorough assessment of indications and contraindications in all conditions.

    • Black cohosh- use in menstrual cycle regulation as well as perimenopause and menopause.

    • Tribulus- thorough review of benefits for female reproductive function, indications and contraindications.

    • Shatavari, false unicorn root & wild yam- times to use and to avoid.

    • The use of adaptogen herbs, including Korean ginseng, withania and rhodiola for female reproductive presentations.

    Sessions Three and Four:

    • Hormonal assessment and specific herbal medicine prescriptions for specific hormonal presentations, including:

    • Cyclical mood changes, including PMS and PMDD.

    • Heavy and painful periods.

    • Irregular menstrual cycles and amenorrhoea.

    • Hypothalamic amenorrea.

    • Abnormalities in androgen presentations (hyper and hypoandrogenism).

    • Premature ovarian failure, perimenopause and menopause.

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