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LGBTQIA+ Clinical Inclusivity

LGBTQIA+ Clinical Inclusivity

In the spirit of supporting practitioners Sage King (BHSc Nat) has created a FREE 30 minute webinar to help practitioners understand the fundamentals in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community with confidence.

In this presentation, Sage covers:

  • What is LGBTQIA+?

  • Sex vs Gender

  • The importance of pronouns

  • Simple tips to make your clinic a more inclusive space

  • How to navigate "saying the wrong thing"


Sage is a naturopath, specialising in the areas of LGBTQIA+ reproductive and hormonal heatlh. She is an inclusivity activist, and passionate about education and supporting social cohesion, especialy regarding reproductive healthcare and naturopathic support for this patient group. In this capacity, she works as a consultant for clinicians wishing to update their skills, website and marketing in this area. 


Sage will be presenting on this topic at the Activated Probiotics 'Women in the New World' conference in Hobart in October 2022.

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