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Navigating The Influence of Female Sex Hormones on ADHD

Navigating The Influence of Female Sex Hormones on ADHD

This recorded webinar is for women & individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) with diagnosed or suspected ADHD. Price includes a 15min consultation with Sage or Josephine to discuss appropriate supplements for your presentation.


ADHD is becoming more widely acknowledged and diagnosed in women and individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB). At RHRH we are currently seeing a large influx of patients being either self or clinically diagnosed with ADHD and due to the lack of studies in scientific literature and understanding of the difference in presentation of ADHD in AFABs, there is a huge gap in how executive function is understood and supported in this patient group. As well as this, there is currently a high rate of ADHD diagnosis in AFABs aged late 30 to early 40yo, which coincides with the reproductive window that is associated with the onset of perimenopausal mood and cognitive symptoms.


At RHRH, we want to make information accessible for all to demystify the influence of female sex hormones on ADHD in women & AFABs with what we know currently from an evidence-based perspective alongside our clinical insight in supporting this neurodivergent patient group.


Join Sage King and Josephine Cabrall for this 60 minute webinar where they will be discussing:


  • Difference in mental health presentation in AFABs with ADHD

  • The influence of female sex hormones on ADHD symptoms (the menstrual cycle, postpartum & perimenopause)

  • Simple and realistic naturopathic strategies for supporting you



This webinar is for you if:


  • You are a woman or individual AFAB with diagnosed or suspected ADHD

  • Also experience PMS, PMDD, or perimenopausal depression alongside your ADHD symptoms

  • Want to understand more about your menstrual cycle may influence your ADHD symptoms

  • Want simple & realistic naturopathic strategies to support executive function in ADHD



By the end of this webinar you will:


  • Understand the difference in ADHD presentations in women and AFABs compared to individuals assigned male at birth (AMAB).

  • Know the positive benefits of oestrogen on brain function and cognition throughout the life cycle

  • Know how the menstrual cycle influences ADHD

  • Have simple and realistic naturopathic diet & lifestyle interventions to support your executive function


Included in the price is a 15 minute private consult with Josephine or Sage, RH Reproductive Health naturopaths, where you can access 1-2 herbal/nutritional supplements best suited to your individual situation. Instructions for booking will be included in the email sent out after purchase.

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