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Preconception Care Explained Webinar

Preconception Care Explained Webinar

Preconception Care Explained is simple, realistic, yet evidence-based advice for fertility and preparing your body for pregnancy.


Created for those wanting to implement achievable diet, lifestyle, environmental & supplemental strategies to improve their egg/sperm quality & fertility outcomes.


Our Preconception Care Explained webinar is for individuals or couples, inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, who are:

✓ Trying to conceive (naturally or through IVF)

✓ About to start their fertility journey

✓ Wishing to undergo egg or sperm freezing


You will have immediate access to the Webinar Recording and PDF of all slides so you can get started right away.


Navigating the world of contradictory information regarding fertility and pregnancy preparation can be confusing and overwhelming! 


You might be wondering:

  • 🍲 What should I eat?
  • 🥗 Is there a specific diet I should follow?
  • ☕️ How much coffee can I have?
  • 🍷 When do I need to stop drinking alcohol?
  • 🚭 What about smoking? Is it important for my partner to quit? 
  • 💊 What supplements should I be taking?
  • 🧪 How do I know what blood tests I need to have done?
  • 🤔 Do I need to do preconception care if I'm only freezing my eggs?
  • 👭 We're going to use my partner's egg but I'm going to carry - do we both need to do preconception care?


You probably wish you had one reliable source of information from someone experienced. Well that's why we created Preconception Care Explained!


This webinar is for you if:

  • You are wanting to start trying to conceive in the next 12 months

  • Are single, or in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship

  • Have already started trying to conceive

  • Are trying to conceive naturally or undertaking IVF

  • You want to improve your egg or sperm quality prior to egg or sperm freezing

  • You are feeling overwhelmed in knowing which preconception advice to listen to

  • Know what you need to do but don't know how to realistically apply it to your lifestyle

  • Feel bamboozled by the huge supplement market & don't know what you realistically should be supplementing with

  • Want to know simple, realistic, evidence-based steps to improve your fertility, with the most relevant information picked out, so you don't have to sift through everything


During this webinar, Sage & Josephine share their evidence-based strategies & clinical experience on preconception care using simple & realistic strategies & interventions including:


Your preconception care timeline:

  • How long it takes to improve egg and sperm quality and why


Preconception diet fundamentals:

  • Top foods for fertility

  • Top foods to avoid

  • How to adapt common meals to be healthier

  • How cooking methods can improve blood sugar regulation

  • Evidence-based guidelines on smoking, alcohol, & caffeine


Preconception environmental considerations:

  • What are endocrine dysrupting chemicals (EDCs)?

  • How they impact your fertlity

  • Where they are found in your environment

  • Easy to implement, top strategies to reduce EDCs in your home - minus the overwhelm!


Preconception supplementation:

  • Know what to look for in a natal mutivitamin

  • What over-the-counter natal multivitamins we use

  • Other nutritional supplement considerations & dosages


Preconception assessment:

  • What blood tests you need to comprehensively assess your health status

  • How to discuss pathology testing confidently with your GP

  • The world of semen analysis - when they're indicated & where a semen analysis should be conducted for most reliable results (when relevant to TTC)


At the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Have clarity on the most important foods for your fertility

  • Know how to make simple diet swaps to increase your nutrition for fertility

  • Know what the evidence says around alcohol, caffeine & smoking

  • Understand how your environment impacts fertility & have simple steps to follow to improve yours

  • Feel confident in knowing which natal multivitamins will give you what you need & what other nutritional supplements are of benefit (it's not as many as you think!)

  • Be able to appropriately discuss preconception assessment with your GP & know what tests you need

  • Navigate the land of semen analysis (if relevant to your circumstances)


You will also receive downloadable resources to support you on your journey including:

  • PDF copy of the slides

  • List of top foods for fertility

  • Simple tips for reducing your EDC exposure

  • Key preconception supplements (including brands & dosages)


And your bonus:

Access to our IVF Explained Webinar. This is for those that are undergoing or considering undergoing IVF for egg freezing or embryo creation who want to understand the process better and feel more empowered to prepare or support themselves in this process.



Taking your fertility and the future health of your child into your own hands by understanding the key things that you can do yourself right now to positively impact fertility, egg quality and sperm quality.


About the Presenters

Sage King and Josephine Cabrall are both highly experienced fertility and reproductive health naturopaths. Both have helped hundreds of people create the family of their dreams using personalised nutrition and herbal medicine plans, based on their comprehensive individualised assessment of their patients. View this webinar for the straightforward, realistic & evidence-based preconception care strategies that Sage and Josephine use every single day with their patients in their clinical practice. 


Got questions? Contact us here.

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