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2024 Complete Education Package

Upgrade your clinical fertility & pregnancy skills! Pre-purchase the entire 2024 Masterclass series and save up to $780. INCLUDES Advanced Fertility Masterclass OR Preconception Care Masterclass and Pregnancy Masterclass and Postpartum & Paediatrics Masterclass.

2024 Complete Education Package
2024 Complete Education Package


Includes Three Masterclasses

Live on Zoom & On Demand


In 2024 we invite you to join us as we focus on the fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and paediatric continuum.

We will be presenting four masterclasses throughought the year, covering all aspects of human reproduction. 

The Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Paediatrics Complete Education Package includes EITHER the Preconception Care Masterclass OR the Advanced Fertility Masterclass (depending on your level of expertise), as well as the Pregnancy Masterclass AND the Postpartum & Paediatrics Masterclass.

Preconception Care Masterclass

For students, recent graduates and practitioners wanting to enhance their skills in the fertility field, this comprehensive 3-part Masterclass provides everything practitioners need to confidently support patients preparing for a healthy pregnancy. Presented live, with ongoing access to recordings, participants will receive invaluable knowledge and expertise, empowering them to build confidence in this area of their practice.

The window encompassing preconceptions care (PCC) is a unique opportunity to positively influence both fertility and pregnancy outcomes, as well as and long term health for parents & children.

This is a fundamental area of functional medicine practice. With a high number of patients planning conception in the near or distant future, all practitioners working in general or specialised practice benefit from an advanced understanding of the mechanics required to successfully support individuals and couples trying to conceive (TTC).

Full Details Here

⏰ Three x 1.5-hour sessions.

🎥 Presented live March-April 2024 + ongoing access to recordings.

💬 Access to online discussion group.


Advanced Fertility Masterclass

This course is intended for practitioners with an advanced understanding of fertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART), and goes above and beyond those factors already discussed in Rhiannon's previous masterclasses. The completion of Rhiannon's IVF Support Masterclass, Endometriosis Masterclass and/or Female Hormone Assessment & Herbal Medicine Prescription Masterclass are HIGHLY recommended (Male Hormone Masterclass a significant bonus!).

Full Details Here

⏰ Two x 2-hour live sessions + extra prerecorded material to view in your own time.

🎥 Presented live March-April 2024 + ongoing access to recordings.

💬 Access to online discussion group.

Pregnancy Masterclass

Fully updated and revised, this 3-part 6 hour masterclass presented by Rhiannon comprehensively covers everything practitioners require to confidently manage both normal & high-risk pregnancies. Including conventional & integrative management strategies for each trimester.

Full Details Here

⏰ Three x 2 hour sessions.

🎥 Presented live May-June 2024 + ongoing access to recordings.

💬 Access to online discussion group.

Postpartum & Paediatrics Masterclass

In this three part 6-hour masterclass, Rhiannon provides practitioners with everything they need to expertly support patients through the significant & often challenging postpartum window, along with detailed integrative support for infant health.

Full Details Here

⏰ Three x 2-hour sessions.

🎥 Presented live October-November 2024 + ongoing access to recordings.

💬 Access to online discussion group.


📚 18+ hours of content.

📖 Includes detailed notes, tools & resources to assist with easy application in a clinical setting and up-to-date references. 

💸 $1290 + GST (save up to $780).

💰 Payment plan available.

🌎 International practitioners, email us for GST-free invoice.

🤓 Participants eligible for 18 CPE points upon completion.

* Whilst we will do our best to ensure these dates are accurate, they may be subject to change.


  • 2024 Complete Education Pack

    Includes: Preconception Care OR Advanced Fertility Masterclass, Pregnancy Masterclass & Postpartum & Paediatrics Masterclass (total value $2070- save up to $780).

    Tax: +$129.00 GST
  • Payment Plan

    6 monthly payments.

    Tax: +$24.50 GST



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